HANJITECH: a Designer / Manufacturer / distributor / Manufacturers' representative of highly specialized and innovative acoustic, interconnect, switch, motor and precision metal products & components.
HANJITECH: Ultimate source for Sound & Interconnect Solutions for demanding applications

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We represent world-class manufacturers with explicit, formal manufacturing missions. Our operating goal is world class, implementing competitive information to establish organizational goals and objectives. Of which we communicate to all our members of the enterprise. We regularly assess the appropriateness of these objectives to attain and maintain our world-class status.

Our world-class manufacturing requires overall willingness to establish closer connections with everyone, from suppliers to workers. We tout unwavering commitment to self-analysis and improvement. We require an aggressive approach to technology that can turn visionary strategies into reality. All of this is a must and reflected in our firm's business and operations strategy if our world-class status is to be sustained.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on our technology strength, equipment, and processes by those trying to attain world-class status. World-class manufacturers view our technology as a strategic tool for achieving and maintaining world-class status. A high priority is placed on the discovery, development, and timely implementation of the most relevant technology available and the identification and support of those who can communicate and implement this technology.

As a world-class manufacturer we recognize the importance of measurement in defining the goals and performance expectations of our organization. We routinely adopt or develop the appropriate performance measurements needed to interpret and quantitatively describe the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of our manufacturing system and our interrelated components.

The use of the proper measurements allows us to assess our performance against ourselves (internal benchmarking), our competitors (competitive benchmarking), and against other world-class manufacturing firms that are not competitors (generic and functional benchmarking). Our status is achieved through a relentless commitment to continuous improvement, which cannot be achieved without measurement.

World-class manufacturing requires world-class information systems for collecting, processing, and disseminating data and for providing the feedback mechanism that is necessary for meeting our objectives. Information systems are fully integrated into our business processes and firms that adhere to our continuous improvement and TQM strategies. Capturing and analyzing our customer feedback and designing, manufacturing, and delivering our world-class quality products and services is rooted in our superior information systems. The functions within our world-class firm all have a common language and signaling system. As a world-class firm we embrace computerized maintenance management and computer-integrated manufacturing. Additionally the organizational commitment to continuous improvement is supported by the strategic use of information systems.

Mission Statement

Hanjitech Inc. is an international company, whose sole purpose is to continue to be a 6 SIGMA Quality Technology driven, first in class global manufacturer. Continueing to maintain a strong focus in research, development, production and distribution of specialized products.

In keeping with our mission, Hanjitech is constantly improving and updating our entire quality system, engineering, production and management teams through ongoing training and always maintaining an open dialog with our supply chain partners both domestically and offshore. We will continue to execute our best practices in conjunction with providing our supply chain partners with continuous improvements with both our products and services